Mentoring Ministry

A Mentor is the same as an advisor, a counselor, a guide, or a teacher. Rehoboth Jail & Prison Ministry is seeking Christian mentors who exhibit a Christ-like life and love of the inerrant Word of God. We look for mentors from local churches and Christian families who set an example by the way they live. Mentors should be able to encourage others in Christian living and know how to humbly suggest life changes that will allow the mentored one to grow more intimate with God.

Since Rehoboth Jail & Prison Ministry is familiar with dealing with inmates and their families, we will be happy to help you get acquainted with ways to help through the mentoring process. If you already have experience mentoring, we welcome your training, as well. We need people who are willing to sacrifice their time to be a blessing to a young boy or girl, a mother or father, or a former inmate and his live-in girlfriend (which we run across in many cases).


Mentoring could be as simple as speaking to some one in a general conversation about the Lord.
Mentoring could involve a get together where families share the love of God with the one being mentored.

The process needs to begin and end with the love of God being shared. It is not the purpose of the mentor to correct every wrong in the lives of the ones they are counseling; rather, it is the work of the Holy Spirit to bring correction.

All ages of mentors are needed, both male and female, to mentor men and women either out of prison or who are getting out soon. We always suggest a same-gender mentor unless a couple is mentoring together; there is much less cause for concern when men mentor men and women mentor women. Mentoring can start with letters through the Pen Pal outreach and take on a more personal direction when the inmate comes home. The family of an inmate who does not know Jesus needs to be mentored toward the ways of the Lord, or if they are already saved, they still need fellowship with like-minded believers to keep their spirits up while their spouse is separated from them by prison fences.

All the outreaches of Rehoboth Jail & Prison Ministry work together to develop a better Christian walk for those being ministered to and for those doing the ministering. Being a good friend is the best way to mentor anyone.

A mentor receives as much of a blessing as the one being mentored if the Lord is in the midst of the mentoring process. Just think how blessed one would feel after successfully helping someone have a more intimate walk with the Lord. Even in the times of trials, imagine the closer walk the mentor would have with the Lord as he or she sacrifices for one of “the least of these” knowing he or she did it for the Lord. (Matt. 25:40)

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