Attributes of God


These Sermon notes on the Attributes of God came from a Precept upon Precept study I was involved in many years ago in the book of Romans. As I studied some of the notes on the various attributes or characteristics of God, I realized God is all of these many characteristics at the same time. Otherwise, God does not suspend one attribute to exercise another. God does everything He does in Love since God is love. God’s love moves Him to give Himself for another, even to the laying down of His own life. His love causes Him to desire His creatures’ highest good. This is not based upon the worth, response, or merit of the object being loved.

God is Perfect – He makes no mistakes.

God is Holy, morally excellent, and a perfect being. He is totally other than man! His is purity of being in every aspect, none of His decisions are other than Holy. God is Who He is and He cannot be otherwise or He would not be God.

God is Just – God is fair in all His actions. Whether He deals with man, angels, or demons, He acts in total equity by rewarding righteousness and punishing sin.

God is Omniscient – God knows all. He has a perfect knowledge of everything that is past, present, and future, every decree is absolutely just and all of His judgments are just, even though man’s concept of justice is not on the same level of God’s justice. When man says something that happens as not fair, or asks why does God allow that to happen; man asks because God ways are higher than man’s way and unregenerate man cannot know the mind of God. (Rom. 8:7) (Isa. 55:9)

God is Merciful – God is an actively compassionate being. He responds compassionately toward those who have opposed His will in their pursuit of their own way.

God is Long-suffering – God’s righteous anger is slow to be kindled against those who failed to listen to His warnings or to obey His instructions. His eternal longing for the highest good for His creatures holds back His holy justice, because of His love for man he gives man every opportunity to repent and receive salvation.

God is Wise beyond the imagination of man – God’s actions are based on His character. His wisdom causes Him to choose righteous ends and to make the most fitting plans to achieve those ends.

God is Omnipotent – God possess all power. He is able to bring about anything that He has decided to do, with or without the use of any source beyond Himself.
God is Omnipresent –  God is present everywhere, in all the universe, at all times, in the totality of His character; therefore God is beyond making a mistake.
God is Good – In His goodness God gives to others, not to what they deserve but according to His good will and kindness toward them. He is Faithful – God is always true to His promises. He can never draw back from His promises of blessing or of judgment.

God is always Truthful – All that God says is reality. Whether believed by man or not, whether seen as reality or not, what God has spoken is reality. Whatever He speaks is truth, so man can always depend on Jehovah God. Not to confuse Jehovah the only true God with a god of another religion, Jehovah God has a Son and His name is Jesus.

God is an Eternal – God has no beginning, and He has no end. He is not confined to the finiteness of time or to man’s reckoning of time. He is, in fact, the cause of time. God is always with us and He will never leave us or forsake us.

God is Immutable – God is always the same in His nature, His character, and His will. He never changes, and can never be made to change.

God is Incomprehensible – Because God is God, He is beyond the understanding of man. His ways, character, and the acts are higher than man’s. Man only understands as God chooses to reveal Himself, His ways, or His purpose.

God is Self-existent – God depends upon nothing for His existence beyond Himself. The whole basis of His existence is within Himself. At one time nothing but God Himself existed. He added nothing to Himself by creation.

God is Self-sufficient – Within Himself, God is able to act, that is, to bring about His will without any assistance. Although He may choose to use assistance, it is His good pleasure, not His need that governs that choice.

God is Infinite – God has no limits or bounds whatsoever in His person or dominion.

God is Transcendent – God is above His creation, and He would exist if there were no creation. His existence is totally apart from His creatures or creation.
God is Sovereign – God is totally, supremely, and preeminently over all His creation. There is not a person or thing that has escaped His control and foreknown plan!

Along with all of these positive attributes we need to know that God is a Jealous God and is unwilling to share what is rightfully and morally His with any other creature. So when man chooses to worship any other than Jehovah God, God becomes jealous with a righteous jealousy, since His character is righteous, and brings just, judgment against those who reject Him and His love. When God mercy and longsuffering and all of His love has been rejected beyond a point only God can determine His pours forth His Wrath – There is within God a hatred for all that is unrighteous and an unquenchable desire to punish all unrighteousness. Whatever is inconsistent with His holy standards must ultimately be consumed. This is usually when man would ask why, and if man knew the attributes of God he would not have to ask such a question.


The Attributes of God

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