Outreach Seminars

One of the ways to learn about prison ministry is to attend a seminar on the subject. Rehoboth Jail & Prison Ministry offers free seminars to churches and groups who are interested in getting involved in an aspect of prison outreach.

Prison outreach can range from serving as a pen pal to an inmate from the comfort of your home, actually going into the prison to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with inmates, or helping host a weekly Bible study or even a support group, just to name a few. But, whatever the outreach, there needs to be some measure of training.One thing people who attend the seminar will learn is that age and physical condition do not limit someone from being able to take part in one or more of these outreaches. For example, it’s a wonderful opportunity for the elderly to be involved. Or, young people can correspond with the children of an inmate’s children. The seminar is a wonderful time of fellowship with a break for refreshments halfway through. There is plenty of time for questions and answers from the participants.




Here we see Brother Ron Baker sharing with a local church about the outreaches of this ministry.



Each time this ministry visits a church to explain our work, we set up a display and pass out brochures describing each individual outreach in detain.

The purpose of our free seminars is to make congregations and volunteers aware of the various aspects involved in dealing with men and women who either are incarcerated or have been incarcerated, what to expect and how to respond. This ministry has been dealing with inmates for more than 20 years and we are glad to share the practical skills needed for this kind of outreach. We do try to screen inmates beforehand, but proper training of volunteers is still necessary. That is why we encourage people to get training and be involved with an established ministry such as Rehoboth Jail & Prison Ministry.

Our seminars cover topics specific to the various outreach programs we offer, such as:

Ministry to Youth
In-Prison Ministry
Family Ministry
After Care
Being a Pen Pal
Mentoring Family Members of Inmates
Restoration House

Why a Seminar?

Much of the reason for a seminar is to put this ministry in touch with people in the local churches who may be interested in being involved in prison outreach. Just as a pastor of the church cannot do everything, our chaplain needs help-partners.

What does the Seminar consist of?

Part one covers community-based ministries. It explains everything except the actual in-prison part of Rehoboth Jail & Prison Ministry outreaches. As each topic is addressed, there will also be opportunity to ask questions. At the end of the seminar there will be a sign up sheet for those interested in any of the outreaches. This is an opportunity for participants to learn about ways to serve the Lord in the local community through their own church and to better understand how to reach out to others by meeting their needs at a time in their lives when they may be searching for spiritual insights.

Part two strictly covers in-prison ministry. We will explain what is necessary to become an in-prison volunteer of Rehoboth Jail & Prison Ministry. This two-hour session covers the things one should and should not do when going into a jail or state prison. It will cover everything necessary for a church to start their own in-prison outreach. At the conclusion of the seminar, participants should have a better understanding of why there is a need for prison ministry outreaches in the jails and prisons and that mission work is needed right here in our own country. An effective prison ministry will be a great benefit right here in our own communities, as well as a blessing to the church members and the outreach recipients. The seminar can be held on a Sunday afternoon or a Saturday morning with a break for a snack of some kind in between.

If you would like to schedule a free seminar at your church, please contact us!


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