Our Board of Directors


Rehoboth Jail & Prison Ministry answers to a volunteer Board of Directors which consists of no more that seven members. The ministry board preserves the focus of the ministry and sees that all spending and contributions go through the Treasurer. The Board of Directors serves in planning each year’s activities and budget, helping set ministry goals, overseeing financial expenditures and fund raisimng, and in an overall advisory capacity to the Chaplain.

The Board meets bi-monthly to review the work accomplished during the past two months, with the Chaplain giving both oral and written reports. As well as being accountable to the Board, the Chaplain is also accountable to his local church, district overseer and the Conference.

2021 Board Members left to right Jon Freivald, Phonda Via, Steve Via, Joe Faus, Ron Baker, Tim Miller, and Lisa Miller

Past Board of Directors

John Miller, Past Board Member / Deceased
Joe Arbaugh, Past Board Member
Gary Mules, Past Board Member
Richard Showalter, Past Chairman / Decesaed
Keane Pugh, Past Member / Deceased
Gene Lawson, Past Member / Deceased
Artis Mules, Past Board Member
Paul Driver, Past Board Member
Christy Horsley, Past Board Member

Past Board members Left to right back row: Joe Arbaugh, Paul Driver, Tim Miller, left to right front row Lisa Miller, John Miller, Artis Mules, and Cristy Horsley
Past Board Members Left to Right: John Miller, Gene Lawson, Richard Showalter, Tim Miller, Lisa Miller, and Joe Arbaugh