Rehoboth Jail & Prison Ministry is continually in need of funds to keep the program going.  We are also looking for land or a farm that could be used to build a Restoration House for both men and women who need a place to be paroled to.  This is a 12-month program that will help former inmates more successfully acclimate back into society and help them take responsibility for their lives and their families.

All donations of any kind are tax deductible under United States Code Section 170(c)(2). All giving constitutes your express agreement to relinquish control in accordance with IRS regulation.


Monetary Donations

To make monetary donations, please either use the Donate button below  to donate by credit card or mail a check payable to Rehoboth Jail & Prison Ministry to: 

     Rehoboth Jail & Prison Ministry
     6166 Helens Way
     Schuyler, VA  22969

Non-Monetary Donations

If you have non-monetary items to donate, or would like to sponsor the Restoration House, please contact Chaplain Ron Baker at (434) 851-2593 or contact him using the form on our “Contact Us” page.