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Thank you for your interest in our ministry programs.

Rehoboth Jail & Prison Ministry is pleased to provide all of our  brochures and newsletters in a downloadable format.  Feel free to print or e-mail copies of our publications to share with your friends, family or anyone you know who is in need of one of our ministries.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with Chaplain Ron Baker, a seminar for your church or group, have an interest in volunteer opportunities, helping get Restoration House off the ground, or just have general questions, please call (434) 831-2593 or contact us through e-mail.  We will be glad to get back with you promptly.

Thank you for your interest in jail and prison ministries.  God bless you.





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Thumbnail for After-Care.pdfAfter-Care.pdf

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Thumbnail for Bible-Reading-Outreach-Ministries-Brochure.pdfBible-Reading-Outreach-Ministries-Brochure.pdf

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Thumbnail for Family-Ministry.pdfFamily-Ministry.pdf

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Thumbnail for In-Prison-Ministry.pdfIn-Prison-Ministry.pdf

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Thumbnail for Mentoring.pdfMentoring.pdf

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Thumbnail for Outreach-Seminar.pdfOutreach-Seminar.pdf

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Thumbnail for Pen-Pal-Outreach.pdfPen-Pal-Outreach.pdf

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Thumbnail for Support-Group.pdfSupport-Group.pdf

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Thumbnail for Various-Ministry-Outreaches-Brochure.pdfVarious-Ministry-Outreaches-Brochure.pdf

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Thumbnail for Youth-Ministry.pdfYouth-Ministry.pdf

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